Parsha and Pancakes

This week we introduced the Parsha and Pancake program. Twice a week the students can learn about relevant concepts of the weekly  Parsha while eating breakfast.   In Parshat Vayechi the participants learned about the importance of Grandparents and Sibling Relationships.  Jacob, (Grandpa) blessed his grandchildren.  Unlike other siblings in the Torah, Menashe and Ephraim, got … [Read more…]

Celebrating Tfilah

WHere are the harps, the drums, the horns, the string instruments? During the time of the Temple, Jews celebrated Tfilah with song and dance. Recently our Tfilah members have created dances to some of the Tfilot. Enjoy

November – A month to be thankful

November, Mar-Cheshvan – A month of Remembrance and the American Thanksgiving The month of Cheshvan is known as Mar-Cheshvan (translates as either bitter or rainy ) which falls this year mostly in November. For much of Canada and the USA,  many schools, Governments, and organizations have a service to honor our veterans; a day of … [Read more…]

The Prayer for Rain

On Shemini Atzeret we pray to God for Rain. At this time of year we need to take a step back and appreciate everything we take for granted. To start appreciating we must stop expecting. Chag Sameach